Updated 01 October 2012

Vegetarian glossary

A quick guide to help you tell your ovo-lactos from your pescatarians.


Carnist: a person who eats meat, and feels this is ethically justified

Carnivore: an animal that feeds only on other animals

Herbivore: an animal that feeds only on plants

Omnivore: an animal that eats animal products and plant products (e.g. chimpanzees, bears, and most humans)

Ovo-lacto (or lacto-ovo) vegetarian: a person who eats no meat, but still eats eggs (ovo) and dairy (lacto).

Pescetarian: a person who eats no other kind of meat except fish. Also sometimes referred to as a "pesco-vegetarian". The pescetarian diet is usually ovo-lacto vegetarian plus fish.

Piscivore: an animal that eats a diet primarily of fish (e.g. otters)

Vegan: a person who eats no animal products i.e. no meat, dairy or eggs.

- Olivia Rose-Innes, EnviroHealth Editor, Health24, updated July 2012

If there are additional terms you'd like to see on this list, please drop me a note in the EnviroHealth Forum..


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