19 July 2011

More factors that influence obesity

What influences the fact that you struggle to lose weight? Consider the influence of social determinants, so-called "enablers" and "barriers", and environmental factors.

In addition to each person's individual psychobiological core, cultural factors, which include beliefs and values, life experiences and habits, there are many other factors that can influence whether you're going to gain weight and/or if you're going to lose weight successfully.

Each individual has different roles that are defined by the type of work the person does, the family he or she belongs to, and the community we live in.

  • The home environment can be supportive and conducive to weight loss, or absolutely negative, so that your attempts are doomed before you even start.
  • Your shopping environment can also be important. If you have to buy food at a small, understocked shop that does not feature low-fat foods or unprocessed grains, or if you can only buy poor quality fruit and vegetables (if any), then you will struggle to put together the type of diet that will encourage weight loss.
  • Accessibility of slimming aids such as health clubs, gyms, and swimming pools may be a deciding factor in your success when it comes to using exercise to aid weight loss.
  • The type of neighbourhood you live in will determine if you can, for example, go for safe walks in the fresh air, or if you live in a dangerous, concrete jungle where it is not safe to go out alone.
  • The school environment is another environmental factor that can determine weight gain at an early age. If your school does not have facilities for gym or sport, and if the tuck shop is filled with junk food, ask your parents to do something about these problems so that you and your school friends at least stand a chance of not becoming obese children.


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