28 March 2012

I lost 76kg: a reader’s story

Imagine carrying around the weight equivalent to a baby elephant every day of your life? Madeleine Ray gained 113kg and tipped the scale at 163kg. Here's how she lost 76kg so far.

Imagine carrying around the weight equivalent to a baby elephant every day of your life? Madeleine Ray from Polokwane gained just that, 113kg in seven years, and finally tipped the scale at 163kg. She was only 27 years old.  

“You would never say that I weighed 52kg, 14 years ago. Unlike a lot of overweight women, I have not always been this way. I was active, mostly ate what I wanted to and never in a million years thought that I would one day struggle so much with my weight,” says Madeleine. 

Deciding to take the plunge and change your entire lifestyle for the benefit of your health and happiness can be a very scary decision, one that Madeleine struggles with everyday.

“To date, I have lost a total of 76kg and plan to lose another 10kg. It has been a long hard journey but I am on an emotional high, I still have my “fat days” but this is the reason I carry my size 50 pants with me as a reminder.” says Madeleine.

“My girls never used to ask me to play with them, as they knew I was always tired, now I’m the one calling them to play outside. I needed to lose this weight to set an example for them, and show them that it is possible to achieve your goals even if they do seem unrealistic”.

It all started when she married at the age of 20 and fell pregnant with her triplet girls. They were born with colic, which weighed heavily on Madeleine’s stress levels. She quickly found herself rarely paying attention to what she ate or how often she exercised because her children came first and before she knew it, five years had passed and her fourth daughter was born.

Pregnancy weight gain

Both Madeleine’s mother and husband are overweight and her sister has to work hard to keep her figure a size 12. Madeleine’s weight loss journey has not only been one big emotional high, it’s also put tremendous pressure on her marriage and family life.

"My goal was to lose 60kgs by the age of 30. On my 30th birthday I was 15kg short of my goal and felt very disappointed after thinking I had worked so hard.

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