Updated 01 June 2015

'How I lost 30 kilos and made fitness my life'

Kelly Stegan graduated from a yo-yo dieter to a fitness freak and body builder in just 12 weeks. Here's how she did it.

Kelly Stegan, a 31 year mom who struggled with weight her whole life, turned things around by losing 30 kilograms after the birth of her daughter.

Kelly says that she was always overweight, even as a child. She describes herself a depressed and unhappy person before the birth of her 7 year old daughter, who inspired her to change to a healthier lifestyle.

"I didn't like what I looked like and felt uncomfortable in my skin," she says, "I wanted to be a better person for my daughter, so I started by transforming by body."

She implemented advice from body builders and did some research of her own. After only 12 weeks Kelly entered her first bikini fitness show.

Her diet

Kelly explains that she suffered from an eating disorder, and that she tried every crash diet and weight loss pill available. She now considers her eating plan the most important part of her lifestyle and says that she is obsessed with food and finding healthy recipes.

She builds her diet on the following principles:

- Eat 5 meals a day in order for your metabolism to become a fat burning furnace.

- Drink 3-4 litres of water a day in order to efficiently drop and flush body fat.

- Eating protein together with carbohydrates is key, except at night.

- Good fats should be eaten once a day, usually at night as your body uses them while sleeping to break down fat

Should protein and carbs be eaten separately?

'Before and after' pics of Kelly

Making it a lifestyle

Two years later Kelly continues to compete in fitness competitions and has achieved placings, including top 4, in the SA Champs. She has studied fitness and nutrition and started her own fitness coaching business.

"I am passionate about people, and my journey has inspired others to live a healthy lifestyle as well. I love the fact that I can help others achieve their weight loss and fitness goals."

Kelly shares her recipes and weight loss tips on her weight loss support group on Facebook.

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