Updated 04 April 2013

Dieting but not losing weight?

If you've tried everything to lose weight, but it just won't budge, read this.

Does this sound like you?

You’re skipping the bacon and eggs and ordering the muesli and fruit salad
You’re eating five servings of fruit a day
You’ve switched from white bread to brown
You’ve replaced red meat with vegetables at dinner
You’ve cut sugar out of your coffee…

But the weight isn’t budging. Here are a few reasons why you might not be reaching your goals:

1.    You’re not aware of calories.

Five servings of a fruit a day can add up to 500 extra calories. The recommendation is five fruits OR vegetables, and preferably the latter, as they fill you up while keeping calories right down. Fruit is also filled with sugar and can leave you hungrier than you were before – consume them with caution. Remember that there are loads of hidden calories in salad dressings, cheese and flavoured drinks. Make sure you’re not substituting your daily packet of crisps with a sugar-laden dose of dressing.

2.    You’re blindly following what the packaging says.

Muesli and fruit salad is often called a ‘health breakfast’, but muesli is packed with calories and a generous bowl can mean you consume half your daily goal within the first few hours of the day. Switch to protein-rich food such as boiled or poached eggs, and enjoy them with bacon. You’ll find a simple calorie-saving like this in the morning will pay off long-term.

3.    You’re not differentiating between different nutritional values.

Not all vegetables are created equal. Some are starch-based, some contain sugar, both of which can cause blood sugar levels to spike. Stick to the water-based vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cabbage to fill you up while keeping calories down.

4.    You’re not eating enough variety.

The body is a complex system with a host of vitamin and mineral requirements. Those on a diet tend to find a meal they are comfortable with and stick to it, limiting their nutritional intake. While it’s best to constantly eat a variety of foods, if it proves a challenge when you’re limiting your calorie intake, the next best thing is to get yourself a good vitamin supplement program. Try the Vitabox Basic Box to make sure your body’s getting all it needs to function at its optimum levels, and then adding the SlimBox pack could give you an added, fat-burning advantage. Visit and figure out which tailored supplement package would be best for you.

5.    You’re not drinking enough water.

Water makes the whole body run more efficiently. Make sure you’re drinking 250ml every hour to keep your furnace burning brightly. It will also help with flushing out toxins that may cause headaches if you’ve made a drastic change, such as cutting out sugar.

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