Updated 13 October 2015

Banting vs Heart Foundation Diet – which is cheaper?

Many say Banting is not a lifestyle option for them because it is too expensive. Take a look at suggested meals and costs, and see if you still agree.

Below is an infographic created by The Real Meal Revolution that attempts to show that the Banting lifestyle need not be any more expensive (in fact, it can be cheaper) than the typical diet recommended by South Africa's Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

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On the Tim Noakes/Banting diet, focus is on a high intake of fats, and a low intake of carbohydrates.

Typically, a Banter would eat eat eggs, bacon, sausage for breakfast or cheese, yoghurt and the previous night's fat/protein meal. For lunch you could snack on cheese, nuts, biltong and for dinner one of the delicious meals from Real Meal Revolution with lots of vegetables/salads.

Once you get the addictive sugar/carbs out of your diet, Noakes maintains, your brain will automatically regulate the number of calories that you need so that your body weight eventually becomes the weight it is meant to be.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) recommends we go for a traditional Mediterranean diet which is an example of a diet that is relatively high in fat, yet lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Most of the fat in this diet is from plant sources (olive oil, nuts, seeds – also recommended by Prof Noakes), but saturated fat content is low. 

The diet is also rich in vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, wholegrains, and some cheese and yoghurt.

In comparison, the westernised diet (that they advise against), is high in kilojoules, bad fat, sugar and salt, and is low in fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and healthy fats.

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Take a look at a comparison between Banting and the Heart & Stroke Foundation's diet - what you can eat and what it would cost you. Source: The Real Meal Revolution

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