Am I shopping for the right foods?

Take this quiz to see if you are a healthy shopper.

Where do you do most of your shopping?

When do you do most of your grocery shopping?

Do you use a shopping list when shopping?

Do you stop and read the nutrition labels on new foods?

If you read or were to read the labels, what would you look for?

Are you aware that low fat products are classified as less than 3g fat per 100g product?

Are you aware that fat free products are classified as less than 1g fat per 100g product?

When buying bread or rolls is it

Which breakfast cereals are usually found in your shopping basket?

Do rice, maize, potatoes and/or pasta have a permanent spot in your shopping basket?

When buying dairy products such as milk or yoghurt, do you

When buying cheese or cheese products do you

How many red meat products are in your shopping basket at any given shop?

When buying meat products do you

When buying chicken produce do you

How many eggs do you buy per week on average?

Do you always buy fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables with every shop?

Do you buy a variety of fruit and vegetables (e.g. at least three different types of fruit and vegetables)

Do you buy enough fruit to allow each family member at least two fruit servings a day? (fresh or tinned)

Do you try and buy at least one type of yellow/orange (such as pumpkin) and dark green vegetable (such as spinach) with each shop? (fresh, tinned or frozen)

How many bottles of oil do you buy on a monthly basis? (e.g. olive, sunflower, canola)

Which type oil do you usually buy?

How many 2,5kg packets of sugar do you purchase on a monthly basis?

Which cold drinks or fluids go into your shopping basket on a regular basis?

How often are there chocolates, sweets or cakes in your shopping basket?