Am I eating too little protein?

Maybe your diet consists of too little protein. Take this quiz to find out!

Do you eat red meat/pork/chicken/fish/seafood and how often?

Do you have at leat one or more than one palm size of protein (red meat, pork, chicken, seafood, fish) per day?

When eating a cooked meal does the protein portion take up less than 1/4 of the plate?

When eating a sandwich or toast what do you usually use?

Do you eat yogurt, milk or cheese and how often?

Do you eat eggs and how often?

If you are a vegetarian, do you eat meat alternatives like soyabeans, tofu, legumes (dried beans or peas) or nuts/seeds and how often?

If you are vegetarian, are you aware of the importance of combining non-meat proteins to make complete proteins (e.g. baked beans on their own are incomplete, yet baked beans on whole-wheat toast makes a complete protein)?

Have you noticed that your hair is brittle, dicoloured or falls out easily?

Do you struggle to recover from muscle injury?

Do you experience difficulty in maintaining muscle tone and your muscle strength is surprisingly low?

If you feel the muscle between your thumb and forefinger, is it defined and prominent or soft and lean?

Do you feel your skin is dry and flaky even though you moisturize it?

Are you often tired even though you get enough sleep and rest?