08 April 2010

Start measuring your health

KykNET has launched a brand new health and beauty show called Maatband - a weekly programme that is jam-packed with all the latest news on staying young, fit and healthy.


KykNET has launched a brand new health and beauty show called Maatband (Measuring Band) - a weekly programme that is jam-packed with all the latest news on staying young, fit and healthy.

This programme will follow the lives of four viewers who are determined to turn their unhealthy lifestyles around with the USN Body and Lifestyle Challenge.

In the pilot episode, which started on Good Friday, the sparkling presenter Moria Sewald took viewers on a whirlwind tour from Botox to boxercise.

First Moria visited aesthetic practitioner Dr Rickie Smit, who gave 4x4-specialist Lionel Lewis a Botox injection for his frown. According to Smit, more and more men want to get rid of their frowns. And, according to brave guinea pig Lionel, it does not hurt at all!

The next stop was the boxercise class, which Moria tackled hands-on, armed with perfectly painted, but unpractical, long red nails. Fitness instructor Andrew Brown solved the problem by giving Moria a pair of big yellow boxing gloves and showing her some pretty impressive moves. Boxing, he claims, is the perfect way to lose weight and get really fit.  “It is also a great way of de-stressing and getting rid of all your frustrations,” a very enthusiastic Moria discovered.  Though boxing teaches you some great moves, Brown warned viewers that boxercise should not be seen as a self-defence class, as a punch bag “does not fight back”.

For the final 10 minutes of the action-packed show, Moria popped in at the homes of the four contestants who will attempt to lose weight over a 12-week period by adopting healthy eating plans and exercise programmes in the USN Body and Lifestyle Challenge.

Dietician Amanda Kuit explained that the USN programme is not a quick-fix but rather a lifestyle makeover. “The USN Body and Lifestyle Challenge is aimed at choosing the competitor who has made the biggest lifestyle change during 12 weeks.”

The four participants – Madelein Grobler, Petrus du Plessis, Esmé de Villiers and Philip Lewis - have all gained weight over time because of lack of exercise, unhealthy eating and family weight problems. As Madelein, so poignantly, put it to Moria: “It’s painful to be beautiful. Please help me to help myself.”

“Twelve weeks are a very long time without chocolate, pizza and chips,” says Moria, “Will the contestants heed the challenge?”

Follow the trials and tribulations of these four contestants over the next 12 weeks and, at the same time, learn and be inspired to transform yourself into a healthier, fitter and more confident you with Moria’s weekly health tips.

Maatband is broadcast on KykNET on Fridays at 19:00 (and repeated on Saturdays 13:30 and Sundays 08:30 and 00:00)

For more info visit the Maatband website or the Maatband fan club.

(Birgit Ottermann, Health24, April 2010)


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