Updated 21 February 2017

SA Glycaemic Index and Load Guide

Learn more about the glycaemic index and glycaemic load with The South African Glycemic Index and Load Guide published by the GI Foundation of South Africa.


Learn about the glycaemic index and glycaemic load, how to manage blood sugar levels better, stay satisfied longer, lose fat easier and how to avoid lifestyle diseases with The South African Glycemic Index and Load Guide published by the GI Foundation of South Africa.

Ignorance is a one of the major curses mankind has always had to live with. The effective control of blood glucose levels has always been unsatisfactory and thankfully contemporary scientific research has discovered a method, in the form of the Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL), to assist greatly in the dietary control of blood glucose levels.

The purpose of this guide is to address this ignorance factor regarding blood glucose, which when uncontrolled, can result in major lifestyle diseases such as overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure and all the heart related diseases. As a consumer of food products, you need to be informed of the qualities of the food you eat and how it may affect your blood glucose response and over the long term, your health.

Expert advice by registered dieticians 

The authors, registered dieticians Gabi Steenkamp and Liesbet Delport, who are also responsible for the very popular Eating for Sustained Energy recipe books, have done an excellent job in making this guide extremely practical, so that anyone will be able to use it.

An introductory section explains the GI & GL concepts in layman’s language, and includes practical tips on how to make the GI & GL work for you. The GI, GL, fat, fibre, protein and energy value of the different food products is listed in various ways that would make it easy for you to do meal planning and shopping.

It is invaluable as a reference guide for any heath professional or enthusiast. We can confidently state that the GI & GL Guide is as comprehensive as it can be at this stage although several products, which we are aware of, still need to be tested and included in the lists. We have made it our responsibility to update it on an annual basis.

You can order a copy of The South African Glycemic Index and Load Guide on the GI Foundation website.

- (Health24, December 2011)


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