Am I eating too much sugar?

Take this quiz to find out if you are eating more sugar than is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

Do you often get sugar cravings?

Do you feel your energy levels or blood sugar levels sometimes fluctuate?

How many teaspoons of sugar do you have in total (in tea, coffee, cereals etc.) daily?

How often do you drink sugar-containing cooldrinks (carbonated and/or cordials)?

How often do you drink Sports or energy drinks (e.g. Powerade, Energade)?

How often do you eat sweets and chocolates?

How often do you eat sugarcoated breakfast cereals?

How often do you eat jam, honey and/or marmalade?

How often do you eat cakes, biscuits and puddings?

Do you often use sugar when cooking? (e.g. added to vegetables or fruit)?

If you are overweight, are you struggling to lose the extra weight?