20 December 2006

7 good reasons to switch to ostrich

Ostrich meat has become part of a balanced diet and allows the meat lover the pleasure of a great steak or fillet in the full knowledge that it is, in fact, a healthy choice.

In today's health-conscious world, ostrich meat has become part of a balanced diet and allows the meat lover the pleasure of a great steak or fillet in the full knowledge that it is, in fact, a healthy choice.

The health properties and versatility of KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat makes it the ideal choice for home cooks and chefs when preparing great-tasting, nutritious meals every day of the week.

Why ostrich meat is considered healthy
Low in cholesterol – Just 0,062g per 100g meat
Low in fat – Less than 2,0 % per 100g meat
Low in kilojoules – Only 387kJ per 100g meat
Rich in protein – A high 20,5% per 100g meat
Rich in iron – A high 3,2mg per 100g meat

Who said that all red meat poses health risks? If you have considered to stop eating red meat, why not switch to ostrich? Ostrich meat is recommended by medical practitioners and dieticians and often referred to as “the healthiest red meat”.

If you are a health-conscious red meat lover, who does not like to compromise on taste, KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat is the ideal choice for the weight-conscious as it is low in fat.

Sportsmen, sportswomen and people with an active lifestyle benefit greatly from the high iron content, which also creates the rich red colour. Ostrich meat is the key to a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.

The product range
KLEIN KAROO in Oudtshoorn offers a wide range of ostrich meat products prepared from choice cuts. The KLEIN KAROO ostrich vacuum pack range consists of 500g packs of ostrich fillet, steak, mince, goulash, sausage, kebabs and burgers.

The ostrich cold meat range developed by KLEIN KAROO complements its popular range of lean, tasty ostrich meat. Ideal for cocktail parties, picnics or cold meat platters, the KLEIN KAROO ostrich cold meat range includes smoked fillet, ostrich bacon, ostrich ham as well as high-quality Russian and Vienna sausages.

This entire range is free of MSG, high in protein and made of 100% pure ostrich meat. It's definitely a cut above other deli meat products! (Please note: there is no pork in the ostrich bacon or ham.)

Another great innovation is the marinated ostrich range, including 500g packs of fillet, steak and kebabs. Choose from the spicy Texan or the tasty BBQ, Garlic and Lemon flavours. It's so easy. Just take the meat from the packet and flip it into the pan or onto the barbecue fire.

The KLEIN KAROO ostrich biltong range consists of a variety of biltong and related products, including biltong chunks, biltong slices, droëwors and snapstix (original and mild chilli).

All these products are available at leading supermarkets.

Preparing ostrich fillet or steak
Open the vacuum-sealed KLEIN KAROO choice ostrich meat packet and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Separate individual cuts. Baste with olive oil. Heat heavy-based or griddle pan until very hot. If braaiing, the coals should be very hot.

Place the fillets or steaks in the pan or on the grid and seal both sides. Once the meat is sealed, sprinkle with seasoning. Turn meat twice on each side until done as preferred. Remove from heat. Baste with olive oil. Cover and leave to rest for 3-4 minutes before serving.

The low fat content of ostrich may result in a slightly drier meat. Don’t confuse this with toughness and remember salt and seasoning draws moisture – so be sure to season after sealing the meat.

Ostrich should be cooked at the highest possible temperature for the shortest possible time. The perfect ostrich fillet or steak is pink to rare, moist and tender.

Ideally, steak and fillet should be served medium rare. If overcooked (well done), ostrich meat will become dry.

Cooking time: (depending on thickness of the cut)
Rare: 2 minutes per side
Medium rare: 3 minutes per side
Medium: 4 minutes per side

Seven good reasons to switch to ostrich:

  • Low in cholesterol
  • Low in fat
  • Low in kilojoules
  • Rich in protein
  • Rich in iron
  • Rich in taste Easy to prepare

KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat products are produced and packed by:

KLEIN KAROO International: Meat
P O Box 241, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Tel: +27 44 203 6212 / 203 6200
Fax: +27 44 203 6213

The world's foremost supplier of ostrich meat.


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