Updated 22 March 2016

4 vitamins and nutrients you absolutely need

Because adults have more complex nutritional needs, this isn’t always ideal for energy levels (or the waistline). Supplements can help to bridge gaps in your diet, so make sure you choose formulations that are especially aimed at you as a busy person.


Instead of trying to change everything at once, why not find out what’s most important and make those changes.

We have a few essential vitamin and supplement recommendations that could make a big difference to your health and get you one step closer to one of your goals.

Salmon oil: beneficial for arteries, eyesight, skin, nails and hair, salmon oil or any supplement rich in Omega 3 fats is a must-have for a woman. It also aids in preventing and treating asthma, gallstones, psoriasis, arthritis, atherosclerosis and Crohn's disease, and reduces dreaded inflammation. Low levels of Omega 3 have also been linked to depression and Alzheimers.

Probiotics:a healthy female body contains more than 750 trillion different bacteria and occupy nearly 2kgs of your body weight. They are vital for healthy processing and immune health, as well as for neutralizing hormones and helping digest food. When used correctly, probiotics can help with immune disorders, urinary tract infections, yeast and vaginosis. They can also prevent all of the above. 

Calcium, K2 and D3: the magic calcium trifecta, this combination is heralded for its ability to help your body absorb calcium into your bones and not into your bloodstream, where it might harm the arteries by hardening them. Vitamin K2 is found in egg yolks, organ meats, dairy products and fermented products such as whey curd, which can make it difficult for vegans to eat.

Co-Enzyme Q10:this powerful anti-oxidant helps convert food into energy at a very basic, cellular level, and also helps with a strong immune system, maintaining healthy gums and teeth, and supports muscle tissue functioning. In short, it helps you go for longer, and feel full of energy and vitality. 

For most of us, eating so that we get all the nutrients we need is not easy. Let’s face it – life is what happens in between getting all your work done, picking up the kids, making dinner and fighting with your husband over whether the dog’s allowed inside or not. And when you have children, it’s their nutritional needs that come first, which means you very often end up eating what they’re eating.

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