21 February 2019

If the sugar tax isn't a deterrent, here are more reasons to cut back

Calls from industry players to scrap the sugar tax were ignored – in fact, government actually increased it in the latest Budget. But if this isn't putting you off sugar, here are other reasons to cut back.

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's 2019 Budget speech included a marginal increase in the so-called sugar tax.

The tax, referred to in law as the Health Promotion Levy, will now be 2.21c per gram of sugar per 100ml, with the first 4g still exempt.

Industry players, including Coca Cola, prior to the Budget, had called for the tax to be scrapped, pointing to concerns over potential job losses.

This levy is aimed at limiting the liquid sugar intake of consumers and to help eradicate obesity and numerous associated health conditions like diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cancer and heart attack.

Here are a few articles about the impact of too much sugar on your body: 

1. QUIZ: Which food contains more sugar?

Do you really know how much sugar you consume daily? The amount of sugar in some of these common foods might surprise you.

2. Sugar secret – what SA needs to know

Manufacturers must reveal how many teaspoons of sugar their foods contain as it will help consumers become aware of the amount of sugar contained in food products, urges COPE.

3. How much sugar is safe to eat per week?

There are lots of other hidden sources of sugar out there – fruit, yoghurt, honey – that are a little trickier to deal with. Do I also need to limit my sugar intake from healthy foods?

4. 6 ways eating too much sugar messes with your body

It’s no secret that people love sugar. It’s everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect – everything from bread to granola bars is packed with the sweet stuff.

5. Don’t believe these 3 lies about sugar

How many times have you heard someone talk about how they stopped eating sugar? Though it’s been thoroughly demonised (and yes, too much added sugar is a serious public health problem), sugar is essential to life, especially if you're an athlete.

6. SEE: 7 foods with hidden sugar

You've made it your mission to live a healthier lifestyle: You've been exercising more, reducing the fat, limiting your salt intake and staying away from the sweets. All good? Not entirely. According to experts there's a lot of sugar hiding in your favourite foods.


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