Updated 25 November 2014

Claims of faeces and semen in Spur, Wimpy food

Two of South Africa’s most popular restaurant chains have found themselves in the spotlight after posts on social media made damning claims about contamination of their food.

Spur and Wimpy both found themselves on the defence after social media user Smanga Mphephetse Ndukuzabafo posted the below on Facebook, as reported by Die Burger.

Here are his words verbatim:

We are recruiting our people who work at food outlets, bars, homes etc. Waiters, cooks, domestics. We asked them to make sure that every food ordered by the so-called whites, before they serve they must spit a bit of salive, mucus, phlegm, urine into the food just to humiliate these animals.

I got an update this morning by a lady who works @ SPUR she says she took a small packet with faeces-kak and mix it with the marinade and serve those ribs to whites.

We started this project in March and its coming along very well. Another report this morning at Wimpy 1 guy put SEMEN into someones breakfast. How cool is that? How does our SEMEN taste guys? Lol

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Unsurprisingly, given the content, the post quickly did the rounds on Facebook which then brought it to the attention of the restaurants it mentioned.

Spur posted
their response to Facebook; it contained the following paragraph:

It is important to note that each Spur Steak Ranch is individually owned and operated under a franchise agreement and our owners work in their restaurants daily. Each meal is prepared to order and cooked/assembled very much in the public eye, the nature of our offering renders it difficult to contaminate.

We conduct numerous hygiene and operational checks daily ensuing all products meet Spur's high standard of product integrity. Our training department implements intensive and ongoing operational, hygiene and sanitation training programs to all staff.

It is also important to note that the vast majority of Spur’s have cameras both in the kitchen (food preparation) as well as restaurant seating area.

We are proud our customer base is racially diverse as are our management teams and waiters.”

Is Smanga playing the fool?

The post also went to claim that Smanga often posts similarly inflammatory posts “with the goal to garner attention and incite a viral response, mostly in a racist manner.” The chain also confirmed that they are taking legal action against him.

Wimpy also came out with a statement in the aftermath of the post in which they seek to assure their customers that “there is nothing to be concerned about, and that the post in no way relates to the reality of life at Wimpy.”

Both chains operate on a franchise system, meaning it is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that standards are being met, but that this is enforced by random quality checks by the corporate arm of the companies.

Image: Ribs by Shutterstock

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