10 November 2017

5 diet minefields to avoid

Trying to shed some weight? Plan ahead for situations that can be death traps for a healthy diet.

All-you-can-eat buffets are known diet disasters, but they're far from the only minefields you're likely to face.

There are other situations where you are bound to overeat, even if you have all the good intentions in the world. As soon as you are surrounded by temptation, your weight-loss efforts might go astray. 

Plan ahead to avoid temptation in these high-kilojoule situations.

1. The office

First up is the office birthday party. If there's a gooey cake every month, suggest a fruit bouquet or bring your own portion-controlled treat to have instead. Another option is to eat beforehand so you're not ravenous, say experts at Georgetown University Wellness.

2. Dinner at friends

Second are potluck dinners with high-carb choices. Volunteer to bring a vegetable-based soup, salad or fruit. Resist the urge to sample everything. If you're encouraged to overeat, simply explain that you're watching calories. And remember that the calories in alcoholic drink – even simple red wine – count, and add up quickly.

3. Festivals and fairs

Next are food markets, festivals and fairs. Fried dough, hot dogs, cotton candy – the choices are rarely healthy. Go on a full stomach and bring a snack in case hunger strikes, or stick to healthier options containing lots of veggies. Practice portion control when you do indulge. Share one serving with friends.

food market

4. The mall

Number four is the mall with kilojoule treats from oversized cinnamon buns to enormous ice cream concoctions. If you're there at mealtime, rather chow down at a salad bar.

girls eating ice cream at mall

5. The rugby (or cricket) game with friends

Finally, whether watching a game at a friend's house or sports bar or going with the gang to the movies, screen time can lead to mindless munching. Before you go to a restaurant, plan your meal. Look up the menu online to lessen temptation once you get there. Before you head to the movie theatre, make and bag your own air-popped popcorn and walk right past the candy counter.

Temptation can lurk around every corner. Being armed with a plan will help you fight it.

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