16 June 2019

World Avocado Month: Awesome avocado health benefits

June is World Avocado Month. Avocados offer many health benefits in terms of nutrition and disease prevention.

Can you believe that years ago there was this crazy notion doing the rounds – that avocados are harmful because of their high fat and caloric content?

Today, the fruit is considered a superfood because of its extensive number of benefits, not to mention that amazing, creamy taste and texture.

It's packed with vitamins and nutrients, and there are several different methods to consume and use the fruit – from face masks to delicious ice cream, and even fabric dye.

Over the years, the fruit has become tremendously popular, and around the world avocado farmers have greatly increased the amount of fruit they produce.

Avocados have a lot to offer, and we took a look at some of the health benefits of including these delicious fruits in your diet:

Health benefits of avocado, colourful infographic

Image credits: iStock


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