Updated 08 August 2019

Noakes brings low-carb pap to the masses

The Tim Noakes Foundation has launched an affordable LCHF pap to make Banting more accessible to people with low income budgets.

The Noakes Foundation and Banting Blvd. have joined forces to launch an affordable low-carb, high fat LCHF substitute for maize pap and bread which is suitable for people following the Banting Diet.

The Pap, called HEBA Pap, was inspired by community work that both of these brands are involved in.

Low-carb Pap

HEBA Pap is good source of protein, high in dietary fibre, low in sodium, grain and gluten free with no added sugar. This means that people won't need to eat as much and will stay fuller for longer.

It contains a mix of ground seeds and coconut flour and is much lower in carbohydrates when compared to common staple foods.

“We knew the country needed a staple substitute to aid getting off sugar as so many South Africans rely on pap as the main part of their diets.” says The Noakes Foundation’s Jayne Bullen.

HEBA Pap sells for R29 a packet and can be used to make bread, krummelpap and porridge.

Banting accessible to low-income budgets

Banting Blvd. and the new LCHF pap will be involved in the roll out of Eat Better South Africa!, a community programme that will train men and women to put together a budget Banting eating plan which will consist of 3 meals for R30 per day. The aim of this project is to promote a healthy Banting lifestyle in low-income areas.

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The Noakes Foundation and Banting Blvd plans to put a distribution model in place that allows for Banting ambassadors to sell HEBA directly to their communities at lower prices with the vision of creating Banting spaza shops.

The project will start with community members from Ocean View, Delft, Lavender Hill and Villiersdorp.

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A portion of all Banting Blvd. products sold, the ones which are green list ingredient based, will be used to assist Eat Better South Africa! programmes. 

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