Updated 15 October 2015

Top 10 healthy eating tips for kids

Children must eat a variety of foods to ensure the essential nutrients needed for healthy growth. Teach your child healthy eating habits now and lay a good foundation for life.

Here's how:

  1. Encourage children to eat a variety of foods
  2. Feed children five small meals a day
  3. Make starchy foods the basis of a child’s main meals
  4. Children need plenty of vegetables and fruit everyday
  5. Children need to drink milk everyday
  6. Children can eat chicken, fish, meat, eggs, beans, soya or peanut butter everyday
  7. If children have sweet treats or drinks, offer small amounts with meals
  8. Offer children clean, safe water regularly
  9. Take children to the clinic every 3 months
  10.  Encourage children to play and be active

(Source: Department of Health)

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