Updated 29 October 2015

Milk protein can clear acne

Research carried out by Holland-based Campina Industrial Products shows that a milk protein it has launched can lead to a 50% reduction in acne within the space of two weeks.


The company was testing its Praventin milk extract, which was launched on the European and North American markets towards the end of 2005. Following the launch, the company has reported a big success in the take up for the extract, citing its own research as proof of its efficacy.

The research study

Tests were carried out through the research and development arm of parent group DMV International. Its tests showed that of 44 volunteers taking a topical treatment that included the extract, by the second week less than half of the individuals were still suffering from acne.

A continuation of the study showed that less than 30 percent of these individuals were still suffering from acne symptoms after four weeks and over 95 percent reported no symptoms after 8 weeks, results that the company says prove that the ingredient remains effective with continued treatment.

Accordingly, the company also claims that 86 percent of the teenagers who participated as volunteers in the test said that they would continue to use the treatment as they were happy with the results.

Many teenagers affected

Recent research in the US shows that acne accounts for a quarter of all reported skin disorders. And as some 85 percent of young people suffer from this, with 25 percent affected by permanent scarring, the search for new and more effective solutions is never ending to help beat what can be a highly traumatic ordeal for a teenager.

But added to that, there is also the increasing trend towards using natural therapies, moving away from harsh chemicals that often leave the skin in a poor general condition.

The Praventin extract answers this question because it is derived from milk, a substance that is familiar and one that has a mostly wholesome and natural association.

Praventin contains milk protein fractions, including lactoferrin and active whey protein fractions. Lactoferrin, in particular, is known to support the body’s immune system, control infections and to assist in the recovery of damaged tissue. It is also an important component of mother’s milk, protecting babies against infection.

Source: Decision News Media

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