27 February 2018

9 reasons you should eat olives

Olives are synonymous with James Bond’s tipple of choice and Greek salads. But they also pack a punch when it comes to your health.

Bet you didn’t know that olives are a type of stone fruit (or drupe) or that they’re related to mangoes, cherries, peaches and pistachios?

Drupes are identified by a hard pit or stone surrounded by fleshy fruit.

Green olives are harvested early in the season, while black olives are harvested at full maturity.

Both varieties are a great low-kilojoule snack packed with “good” fat. 

But no matter which type of olive you enjoy – whether in a martini, salad, sandwich or as a tapenade – olives offer many health benefits.

We’ve found nine benefits that might get you eating more of these nutrient bombs.


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2018-10-14 07:00