Updated 14 October 2016

7 tips for a healthy camping trip

Holiday time for many South Africans means it's time to go camping! Here are some health tips for your next camping trip.


Preparation is key! The great benefit of planning the meals for your camping trip is that you will spend less time deciding what to prepare each day. You will also not be stuck with a lot of food at the end of your trip.  And it means you won’t have to fork out money at a nearby grocery store. After all, going camping is about having a good time – not spending all your time slaving over meals.

Cold chain for food

When packing the food for your trip, be aware of how you plan to keep your food cold and dry for the duration of your stay. Make sure your cooler box is large enough. Have extra sealable plastic bags on hand for any leftovers. Ice packs can last a while, but you will probably have to purchase extra ice to ensure your food stays fresh. 


To restrict your intake of harmful carcinogens, cover your vegetables in foil before you place them on the braai. The foil protects them from burning in the hot coals or open flames. 

Fruit skewers

These are great snacks when camping. You can chop up your fruit in the morning and take it along on your hike or walk later in the day.  

Vegetable meals

Take a break from the usual meat braai. Vegetable alternatives for the braai are a great way of increasing the vegetable intake for the entire family. Hearty vegetable stews made in a potjie are delicious. 


With summer on the horizon, your holiday trip is going to involve a lot of time outside in the sun, and it will be important to stay hydrated. Make sure you take water along, and enquire about whether the campsite has clean drinking water. Perhaps take along a charcoal filter to purify water when you are hiking and unexpectedly run out of water.


On most camping trips snacks are consumed throughout the day. Snacks go hand in hand with leisure activities. There are some great healthy snack ideas such as:

- Vegetable chips 
- Spicy corn nuts
- Dried fruit

Sun protection

The African sun is pretty harsh, and taking proper precautions when spending lots of time outside is a must. Apply sunblock regularly, especially after going for swim. Make sure your family pack their sunglasses and peak caps or wide brimmed hats. 

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