Updated 14 October 2016

6 reasons why you should opt for home cooking this weekend

While many South African prefer to eat out over weekends, there are major benefits to choosing to stay home and cook.

Weekends are all about having a good time with family or friends and as South Africans a "kuier" is never really complete without great food. 

The weekend also poses the option of going to eat out somewhere or opting to rather stay home and cook.

As much as choosing to eat out is easier and sometimes more convenient than slaving over a stove, there are major benefits to choosing to stay home and cook. 

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We have listed six of the top reasons why you should choose to stay home and cook this weekend.

1. Saves money

Eating at a restaurant is most often very expensive. Considering the nutritional value and serving size you are able to control, it is more cost effective to purchase groceries and cook at home than head to a restaurant.

2. Encourages family bonding 

Getting the family together to make a meal can be loads of fun and a great way to spend time together.

The same goes for a date night, cooking together can be a great way of spending quality time together learning new recipes or experimenting with new flavours.

3. Appropriate portions

Most of us were raised to finish all the food on our plates and not leave any waste. With the large portions served at restaurants today it is quite trying to force yourself to finish a large meal. The perks of making your own meal is you are in control of your portion size.

4. Nutritious

You get to choose what goes into your meal and so you are in more control in terms of the nutritional value of what you are eating. You can choose to cook with brown rice instead of white rice or opt to not use any sugar in your meal; these options are usually not available when eating at a restaurant. 

5. Allergies

The most common allergies are nuts, gluten and shellfish and these are commonly found in kitchens of restaurant, even if they are not used in the dish you ordered. Cooking at home allows for peace of mind that these allergens are not found in your food.

6. Leftovers 

The best part is that whatever leftovers there are of your yummy meal you get to keep and munch on later. 

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