Updated 20 May 2019

What happens to your bones if you cut dairy out of your diet?

And how does it affect your body fat percentage?

I’ve cut dairy – should I be worried about the impact it might have on my bones? We got the answer. So, what actually happens to your bones if you cut dairy out of your diet?

In news that’s about as welcome as a compound fracture, women reach peak bone density in their late twenties, with bone mass decreasing from there on out. Awesome.

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Thank goodness, then, that University of Missouri researchers have proven their theory that the key to future-proofing your skeleton could be found in your fridge – specifically in soya-rich (note: not dairy) protein.

They suspected that soya protein could counter the negative impact of menopause on bone health thanks to its bioactive (meaning it effects change in living things) components. To investigate, they compared the bone formation of female rats who had been fed a soya-based diet and those who had been fed a corn-based diet. Those on the former not only had reduced body fat and increased lean mass, but greater bone strength.

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So reach for those soya-based foods, like tofu and soy milk, and add ’em to your diet. Bone appétit! (Apols, we were trying to be humerus. Okay, done now.)

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