Updated 26 November 2015

Did Tim Noakes dispense advice via Twitter, or not?

On the third day of the Tim Noakes / HPCSA hearing experts zoned in on whether Twitter was a good place to give medical advice.


Day two of the Prof Tim Noakes and HPCSA hearing saw dietitian and former president of the Association of Dietetics in SA Claire Julsing-Strydom in the hot seat.

Strydom was responsible for the original complaint with the HPCSA made against Noakes.

Strydom’s testimony included her opinion that the tweet the hearing is based on was dispensing advice to a patient via twitter. However, when questioned whether her involvement in the twitter conversation was considered a doctor/patient interaction, Strydom replied “No”.

The second witness called on by the HPCSA, but first expert witness, was retired NW University Prof Este Vorster, whose main focus was if Noakes’ advice was accurate and whether Twitter interactions could be determined as a responsible place to give medical advice.

Running into the third day, cross examination of Vorster continued while Advocate Meshack Mopholisa was lambasted for not properly preparing the witness. This resulted in a few delays which has worried the board as the hearing is estimated to cost over R1 million.

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