Updated 08 October 2015

Healthy vegetarian snacks

Looking for healthy snacks to get you through the day? Registered dietician Gina Stear recommends a few mid-morning/mid-afternoon treats for vegetarians.


  • Fresh fruit or fruit salad. Low-fat yoghurt and mixed seeds can be added to the fruit.
  • Dried fruit rolls, sticks and bars, e.g. SAD Mebos sticks/bars, Woolworths Cranberry-and-Almond bar, Apricot-and-Sesame bar, Date-and-Seed bar, Seed bar.
  • 1 small muffin (banana, carrot, date & nut or bran) and a fruit.
  • 175ml yoghurt or 300ml drinking yoghurt (low fat) and a fruit.
  • Peanuts and raisins or dried-fruit-and-nut mix with a fruit.
  • A slice of wholegrain bread, rice cakes, Cornthins, Provitas or digestive biscuits with peanut butter and/or honey. Other toppings could include cottage cheese, cheese, Marmite, avocado pear, jam (adding tomato, lettuce and cucumber to the topping will increase the nutritional value).
  • Vegetable bites, e.g. tomato wedges, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, celery sticks, baby tomatoes (low-fat cottage cheese will add some calories and taste variety).
  • Popcorn (made with a small amount of vegetable oil).


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