29 December 2018

5 stories to help you eat healthier (and cheaper) in the New Year

Planning to finally eat healthier? We chose this year's top stories from our nutritionists to point you in the right direction.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier (and maybe budget better for grocery shopping), you are in good hands.

Our nutritional experts from Nutritional Solutions are always available to answer our burning questions about diets and healthy eating, and to share their expert knowledge with you.

We compiled a list of articles to get you on the right track for a healthier 2019:

1. Seven tips to a healthier braai this summer 

Don’t let your health goals put you off a summer braai. Our nutritionists share their tips on how to have a healthier braai.

2.  How to eat healthy on a budget      

Is it your wallet feeling a bit slim, but you don't? Or are you looking to take financial matters into your own hands this year? Look no further as our nutritionists give us practical advice for smart shopping and cooking.

3. 5 easy, healthier recipes for your braai feast (or summer lunch)      

Nutritionists are not only there to help you get a head-start on your weight-loss journey, but also to provide practical ways on living your best life. In this case, our nutritionists offered us five scrumptious recipes, suitable not just for a braai dish, but also as a summer lunch on its own.

lentil salad

4. How much alcohol is too much? A nutritionist weighs in        

The summer holidays are synonymous with a couple of cold beers by the braai or a glass (or two) of crisp white wine over an al fresco lunch, but don’t let this take a toll on your waistline. Our nutritionists tell us exactly how much you should be drinking, and how to enjoy your tipple without jeopardising your health.

drinking white wine

5. A dietitian explains how to read food labels        

Want to stock up your pantry for your health journey in 2019? Our nutritionists carefully explain the science of reading labels so that you can take the guesswork out of buying processed products.

Woman reading food label in store

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