Updated 09 October 2015

Add Hope advert highlights SA's fight against hunger

A child dies every 15 seconds due to a lack of essential nutrients and as a result of being underweight.


October is World Hunger Month and KFC's Add Hope initiative highlights the plight of 3.2 million children in South Africa who don’t have access to proper nutrition and go to bed hungry every night.

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Due to the fact that children often express themselves through art, Add Hope has launched an advert using some of the drawings of the 100 000 children it feeds to show how a nutritious meal can transform a hungry child into well developed, happy and hopeful young person with a bright future.

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Take a look at the advert:

More about Add Hope:

Add Hope runs year round on KFC menu boards and uses the power of a simple R2 donation to help make a difference in the lives of millions of hungry children in South Africa. The initiative has raised over R263 million in the fight against hunger during its six year history, and currently feeds more than 100 000 children across the country every day, helping them learn, grow and thrive.

In 2015 Add Hope also launched the ‘Pledge Your Plate’ social media campaign to help raise awareness on hunger in SA.

Pledge your plate for World Hunger Month

You can get involved by posting to the social media platform of your choice and tagging #PledgeYourPlate and #AddHope to add your voice to the campaign.

Add Hope #pledgeyourplate campaign

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Sources: KFC


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