Updated 08 October 2015

'Snail surprise' in KFC Colonel Burger Meal

A Cape couple are the latest victims of a string of sloppy food safety standard incidents from the KFC franchise – after finding a snail in a Colonel Burger Meal. KFC responds.


It seems KFC's woes just won't end. From hosing down crumbed raw chicken on concrete, to sharpening knives on a pavement and consumers complaining about "feathered" wings to a claim of a bun being soaked in chemicals. The complaints just keep streaming in.

This time a Cape couple have lashed out at the fast food giant on social media after finding a snail in a KFC colonel burger meal.

Adam Ebrahim posted to the KFC Facebook page with a complaint and picture about the incident after visiting the KFC Athlone branch.

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Ebrahim, explained on Facebook how he disregarded all allegations about the quality of KFC's food until he experienced it himself. 

"For the past few years I've never noticed or believed that KFC had any issues with their food, until now."

He stated that his wife, Neorosha, vomited after making the unsavoury discovery. "Disgusting, don't you think?"

The couple went back to the branch to inform the management of their experience.

Neorosha said they received an apology and was offered a food voucher or refund.

"I am so disgusted by this that I will never eat KFC ever again."

Health24 contacted KFC for commentary about the incident.

"When we hear that a valued customer has a less than great experience we work hard to resolve this as quickly as we can," KFC Africa's managing director Dough Smart said in a statement.

"In the case of our Athlone restaurant in Cape Town, we have resolved this with the customer directly, apologised for her recent experience and look forward to welcoming her back to her favourite KFC restaurant," he said.

He said KFC sources their fresh produce from Dew Crisp, which also supplies South Africa’s premium retailers.

"The suppliers follow a very rigid cleaning process that includes sorting for visible foreign objects, a wash to remove foreign objects and then a final re-wash to further ensure that all foreign objects are removed.

"In this rare case it appears this foreign object slipped through the extensive quality checks undetected," said Smart.

"Given this we have spoken to our supplier and as a further measure to make sure no foreign objects reach our stores, our supplier will be introducing an optical sorter, which uses camera and laser sensors to remove any form of identified foreign objects making sure they meet our high quality standards."

In June, a customer approached Health24 after claiming that his colonel burger bought from Robertson in the Western Cape burger was contaminated with cleaning chemicals.

"When I got home and took a bite I almost puked."

KFC told Health24 that chemicals and cleaning products are always kept separately from food items at all KFC restaurants.

"We have reviewed in-store camera footage and preliminary investigations show that no cross contamination could be observed. 

"KFC has also conducted an investigation with the supplier of the buns, this investigation confirms that the original batch of buns show no evidence of contamination."

The burger was also sent to the lab for tests and it came back negative.

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