Updated 10 December 2015

Tips for the festive season holidays

REHIDRAT® Sport gives some holiday tips to help ensure the whole family enjoys the holiday.


December is upon us and ‘holiday’ is the word on everybody’s lips. Whether you’re planning a beach holiday or a hiking trip, it’s important to prepare in advance. 

Making sure the family stays entertained, hydrated and not sunburned can make your holiday feel more like work. 

Going to the beach?

1. Prep

Prepare yourself by packing all your necessities before you take your trip to the beach. If you are packing for a whole day, remember the top 3, sunscreen, shade and something to stay hydrated. 
Sunscreen - Whether you are swimming, walking or taking part in sports, it’s really important to apply enough sunscreen on your face and body to prevent ultraviolet rays penetrating the skin.

Apply 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, after spending 80 minutes in the water and every two hours if you are out of water.¹

2. Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated

It is easy to forget to continuously hydrate while on the beach, so remind yourself by taking a water bottle. Avoid drinking caffeinated, fizzy or drinks with a high sugar, Caffeine is a diuretic, so drinking a lot of it when it’s a hot day out and is only going to make you thirstier.² For a hydration boost after a day out in the sun, use REHIDRAT® Sport which contains an optimal balance of sugars and salts to replace fluids lost from sweating.

Hiking Fit

For those of you who are adventurists, a hiking trip may be on your agenda for the holiday. With summer in full swing it is important to remember these guidelines:

1. Hydrate and Refuel

First and foremost the most important is to drink loads of fluid on a hiking trip, especially on a very hot day.  While walking you’re not just losing water through sweating but vital salts and sugars (electrolytes) and minerals too.

With a lot of fluid loss during heated days, it’s important to replace the lost electrolytes back into your body; mix a sachet of REHIDRAT® Sport in your water bottle in order to ensure you replace vital electrolytes and minerals that sustain your hydration levels during long hikes. Also keep some eats close by like a trial mix or nuts for refuelling your energy.³

2. Dress for the Heat

Remember the 3 L’s:

- Lightweight clothing that dries quickly. 

- Loose fitting clothes that won’t restrict movement and allow for air flow.

- Light-coloured clothing to reflect the sun, keeping you cooler. 

- And don’t forget a hat and sunscreen. 

3. Get Up Early, Finish Up Late

As much as we all enjoy the sun, in this case we are looking to avoid its beautiful face. To beat the heat, avoid exerting yourself in the middle of the day. Get up early and get hiking, but when you stop for lunch, do it somewhere with some shade and water and take a few hours off to catch up on some lounging time.

Finish those last miles in the late afternoon when the sun starts to dip back down. Remember your headlamp just in case it gets dark before you’re back at your base. ³

If you’re not planning on going to the beach or hiking but warm weather is still a part of the equation, here is a check list of the most important things to pack for warm weather:

- The Right Fabrics: To keep cool, look for lightweight wools and moisture-wicking performance fabrics4. 

- Sunglasses: Make sure you have sunglasses that are polarized or has a UV protection shield. Just as the sun damages your skin, it also damages the lens and cornea of the eyes5.

- Wide brimmed hat: If you are planning on spending an extensive amount of time in direct sunlight ensure you have a hat that will cover your face from harsh sunlight and never forget to use sunscreen4!

- Water Bottle: The best for last, water is an absolute essential in warm weather so keep yourself hydrated when out and about.

One last thing – remember to take along REHIDRAT® Sport with your water bottle, when out and about in the warm weather your body can lose vital salts and minerals. REHIDRAT® Sport has an optimal combination of electrolytes to replace what was lost during sweating and is an ideal oral electrolyte solution to keep you hydrated, so that you are optimally hydrated to perform at your best.