12 August 2011

Where's my hoodie?

In my next life I want to be a hooligan, says Susan Erasmus. This law-abiding life just isn't working for me.

In my next life I want to be a hooligan, says Susan Erasmus. This law-abiding life just isn't working for me.

Political correctness in the UK seems to have reached such ridiculous proportions, that police will stand by and watch a mob loot and burn a shop rather than doing a baton-charge (guys, rational argument has its place, but this is not it) and putting a stop to this lawless behaviour. So some poor corner shop owner loses his livelihood, because the police are scared to ruffle a hooligan's hair.

  • The police are not encouraged to take action.
  • I can loot a shop of my choice, and that includes hi-fi and liquor stores.
  • I can get to wear all my hoodies on camera.
  • If I get convicted, I will only serve a fraction of my sentence.
  • I can have fun on the Supervision and Surveillance Programme if I am under 18 years of age.
  • I can cock a snook at the taxpayers by staying on the jobseekers' allowance as long as I can wangle it.
  • I will be seen as a victim of social circumstances and nothing will be seen as my fault.
  • I can burn down the houses of law-abiding citizens and then return to my funded council house.
  • If I get caught, court officials will work through the night to process my case to spare me the indignity of days in a cell.
  • It's exciting to be out and about, the centre of attention, and to have 10 new size 6 Marks and Spencers hoodies  for which I didn't pay.


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