21 October 2011

Top 10 ready-to-go headlines

Same headline, different year? Some headlines just never die. They are like relatives at Christmas: they are sure to come round again, says Susan Erasmus.

Some headlines are like crimplene. You can drape them over a chair overnight and they're ready to go by morning – year in and year out, says Susan Erasmus.

  • Something sparks an unexpected uprising
  • Police/troops open fire and kill protestors
  • Everyone splits into two factions
  • Lots of people die
  • Even more people die
  • The dictator holes up somewhere with loyal troops
  • He is found and killed and his body displayed in public
  • All hell continues to break loose as factions keep fighting
  • A new dictator emerges

Volcano erupts in Iceland.This has been going on for centuries. Admittedly not the same unpronouncable volcano – Eyjafjallajokull. (Say that 5 times and watch your head explode.) Guys, this is a volcanic island. There are always going to be volcanoes erupting, whether they disrupt air traffic or not. Make peace with it.


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2013-02-09 07:27



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