14 October 2011

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Food addiction is a very serious problem but, unlike alcoholism, drug addiction or gambling, people have very little understanding and sympathy for it.

In her weekly topic, DietDoc discusses a shocking BBC documentary titled "The Half Ton Man" - the story of a US man who weighed 476kg and needed to be moved to hospital for urgent treatment to induce weight loss to save his life. Patrick Deuel had gained so much weight, that he was literally drowning in his own body fluids. According to the doctor, the 91kg of accumulated liquid in Patrick's body was preventing his heart from beating and made it impossible for him to lie on his back.

Where's the love, where's the caring? People seem to forget that Patrick is still a human being, in desperate need of help. Yes it's terrible that a person could do this to himself, and it seems even worse that his wife "did nothing" to help him. But, what if he were a relative of yours? What would you have done? No one stops to ask about what had happened in his life for him to have reached this dire state. And no one asks how his wife coped under the circumstances - for the partners of many addicts, the "best" coping mechanism is often the path of least resistance. 


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