08 March 2011

Sheen bipolar?

CyberShrink takes a look at Charlie Sheen's behaviour, and ventures a guess on what might be wrong with him. Because something is.

In the many articles now current on the web discussing the Charlie Sheen media performances, there has been much speculation that what we've been seeing is evidence of bipolar disorder, or possibly effects of the prodigious drug and alcohol intake of which he has boasted.

Most of us are familiar with depression, at least in its mild forms. Mania (usually the milder Hypomania) is usually euphoric - you feel terrific, indeed far too terrific, have excessive energy, irritability, lack of sleep, delusions of grandeur (of being specially important and great) and/or of paranoia (conspiracy theories and excessive suspiciousness of others and their motives). It's not necessarily permanent euphoria, and may switch into a most unpleasant mood of dysphoria.


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2013-02-09 07:27



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