11 November 2011

Malema and the Sound of Music

Could these be songs from the hit musical The Sound of Malema?


The BBC programme, searching for a star for a new production of the Sound of Music; somehow reminded me of our own problem of Malema, known to some as TerreNoir. Will there be further performances of The Sound of Julius and its popular hits? 

Dough, Ray ME! ME! ME! 

The unabashed lust for attention has been his primary feature.


16 going on 8

Immaturity has been consistent. The demand to be the centre of attention, the youthful conviction that he alone is of importance, that everything ought to be about him. When the spotlight moves elsewhere, he seems to grow agitated, and to be prepared to say almost anything to regain it.


Climb Every Molehill

As though to compensate for his actual absence in the Freedom Struggle, he keeps constructing unnecessary struggles, finding opportunities to create conflict, apparently only feeling at peace when he is at war with someone.


These Are a Few of my Favourite Blings

Ah, the irony of the man who claims not only to be toiling tirelessly on behalf of the poor, but to actually be poor and living on handouts, but who is said to wear a watch worth more than most South Africans will earn in their lifetime, and to have more than one house and several luxury cars; who flies from the march on poverty to a luxury island wedding. He seems genuinely puzzled that anyone could find this contradictory.


Woodwork and politics

I gather that Malema may have had some difficulties at school with Woodwork classes (so did I), but in a way his current problems could also be likened to bad carpentry. Like the carpenter with nothing in his toolkit but a hammer, to him everything looks like a nail - so he hits it. Even when he accidentally finds an important nail, though, he never hits it quite on the head, and bends it, so that instead of usefully entering the wood and strengthening the structure, it remains protruding, deformed, obstructive and a source of weakness.

(Professor MA Simpson, November 2011) 


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