08 November 2011

MJ's doc guilty: very guilty

It was a relief when the jury found Conrad Murray guilty, says CyberShrink. He deserves to be punished for his comprehensive negligence and amoral behaviour.

It was a relief when the jury found Conrad Murray guilty. Although the evidence against him was damning, many times over, California is notorious for flaky juries who have made some bizarre decisions, especially in celebrity cases.

He remained stony-faced throughout, even when being ostentatiously hand-cuffed in court and led away. His lawyers looked rather embarrassed, as well they should, for their oddly messy and unhelpful conduct of his case. Even though it's hard to imagine any form of defence which could have excused Murray's misconduct, their approach removed all possible doubt about it.

  • Why did Murray make and keep that tragic and bizarre recording of Jackson's slurred and rambling speech, sitting at the bedside and pressing "Record"? Was this to be a trophy? Who else did he play it to, and why?
  • How did he know that Jackson liked to push the Propofol "milk" into his IV infusions? Had he allowed this macabre and dangerous practice? Had he even taught MJ this - or if not, who else?
  • It seems he didn't start Jackson's love of propofol - if not, who did?  When Michael said "doctors" had told him it was safe to abuse Propofol so long as he was monitored - who told him this?
  • Who, if anyone, explained what competent monitoring would consist of? 


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2013-02-09 07:27



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