18 November 2011

Just get me out of here!

The twenty-first century is not for sissies. We have to cope with the condensed disasters of the whole planet every day. Susan Erasmus wants out.

The twenty-first century is not for sissies. There probably has never been a century for sissies, but at least hundreds of years ago you only knew what happened within a ten-mile radius of where you hunted and gathered, or planted your corn.

Right, there was the occasional witch-burning, which could not have been very pleasant to witness, or experience. And then, of course, invasions by Attila and his Huns, or whatever marauding neighbouring tribe, who robbed, raped and pillaged.  

Cameras take me into the middle of violent crowd scenes, into trauma units populated by victims of bomb blasts, and into the core of family grief at funerals the world over. I witness more second-hand trauma daily than people did in a decade a thousand years ago.


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