15 December 2010

Is sex addiction for real?

Does sex addiction exist? Or is it just a label which does more harm than good? CyberShrink comments.

Can sex really be an addiction, or is it just the last resort of someone who doesn't want to say 'no'? CyberShrink comments on whether sex addiction is for real.

When is repeated sexual behaviour a problem?
Sexual behaviour becomes a problem when

  • it is harmful and hurtful to the individual or others
  • when it is repeated or engaged in inappropriately
  • when you feel out of control of what you are doing when it comes to choosing what, when, where and with whom
  • when you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about what you have done and what you plan to do, to the extent that it interferes with your usual work and social life.

  • you could run into serious problems with the law
  • you could be at risk for STIs and HIV (both for yourself and your partners)
  • you could run up significant financial expenses.
  • you are likely to neglect - or lose - your marriage or primary relationship
  • failure to concentrate on your work may risk the loss of a job.
  • if you're a celebrity, like Tiger and - before him - Michael Douglas and others, you risk credibility, sponsorships, and career


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