13 January 2012

Eradicate racism: 'kill the whites'

There seems to be some sort of grim logic to the tweet of the Reverend Kemo Waters, says Susan Erasmus.


There seems to be some sort of grim logic to the tweet of the Reverend Kemo Waters, says Susan Erasmus.

Let me begin by saying that shortly after tweeting that racism could be eradicated by killing a large number of white people, the Reverend (as he refers to himself) apologised by saying he should have thought twice before tweeting this rather startling message.

But on some level his circular argument nevertheless seems oddly convincing. If only whites can be racists, and you kill them all, bingo, your problem disappears. It's like solving the problem of barking dogs by killing all pets.

 Of course all black people love each other and there are never any skirmishes about anything. (Did I hear anyone say 'Hutu', Tutsi'?) All white people also love each other and also always get on. Look at how peaceful Europe has been in the last century or so.

And if you are willing to suspend your disbelief to this extent, it also wouldn't bother you that you are using race as a determinant for which people get the chop. What shade of white are we talking here? I am very sure that most 'white' people in SA, would not have to look too far in their family trees to find entries that are somewhat to the left of lily white. Maybe we should suggest the Reverend re-employs the hated pencil test of former times.

Right, back to our Reverend, who particularly had it in for Helen Zille. No surprises there. He will probably have to get into the queue. But to blame white people for making it necessary for the ANC to exist might be taking things a bit far – especially in the week of the party's centenary celebrations.

I would expect the Reverend to specialise in souls and when he accuses Steve Hofmeyr of having a 'racist soul', who are we to differ?

The Reverend Kemo Waters is now apparently in my neck of the woods, as he has moved to Cape Town to start a new church called the KemoTherapy Institute of Truth. Just read that aloud. Does anyone else think this name might not fly off the shelves? I couldn't make this stuff up.

I can see their programme for the first fortnight:

1st Sunday: Kemotherapy or radiotherapy- the choice is yours

2nd Sunday: Support group for cancer survivors

In the report by Sapa, it is mentioned that Waters also said he didn’t want to kill white people, but realised people could interpret his words in this way. I am not sure how else they could possibly be interpreted, but who am I to question this?

I think I should become a Twitter follower of Kemo Waters. With a bit of luck he will provide me with next week's column topic. Hallelujah for social media. Now can we talk about the name of this new church? Something along the lines of The Living Waters Institute could do the trick?

(Susan Erasmus, Health24, January 2012)



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