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At Health24 we are creating South Africa’s premier consumer health information portal by providing credible, useful content and a sense of community and fun.


At Health24 we are creating South Africa’s premier consumer health information portal by providing credible, useful content as well as a sense of community and fun. Our goal is not simply to be a collector of content. We aim to be the foremost source of consumer health information in our region.

The Health24 team is based in Cape Town and is headed by Dr Danie Pauw who is also Health24’s executive medical editor supervising all aspects of medical content generation and sourcing.

Health24's editor is Laura van Niekerk, a journalist with 25 years of experience, including non-fiction book editing, features writing for magazines, digital editor of Woolworths TASTE magazine and holds a BA as well as diploma in Holistic Nutrition.

She was the founding editor of Health24's sister websites Women24 and Food24. Health24’s team of in-house writers has a wealth of experience researching and writing on medical and healthy lifestyle issues.

A specialist panel of medical and health professionals complements the in-house team. Cyberdoc, Cybershrink, and Dietdoc produce weekly editorials, answer e-mail queries and serve as a standing committee and general sounding board.

In addition, over 40 South African doctors and health, fitness and medical writers – many of them leaders in their respective fields (including virology, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, gynaecology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, and sports science) - contribute to the content on Health24.

Content is also sourced from educational, non-governmental or private commercial sources. Examples are the daily news feeds we get from HealthDayNews and Reuters Health, and a wealth of reference material from Natural Medicines. Naturally, we will only agree to licence content after vetting the source for quality, reputation and credibility.

All Health24’s content, information and services are developed and published independently of any commercial or other interests.

Interactive tools on the site are independently reviewed by qualified doctors or other relevant healthcare professional before publication.

Our content team also abides by the following set of rules:

  1. We develop high quality health, diet and fitness related products that are not only educational and informative, but also fun and easy to use
  2. Our products meet real client and customer needs, ethically and cost-effectively, and are developed and implemented profitably
  3. We give priority to products in which we can be globally competitive
  4. We stand for people before products, service before selling and relationships before marketing.
  5. We monitor and track our effectiveness, efficiency and creativity in a focused, systematic and scientific way.
  6. We maintain open communication channels with our people, our customers, our stakeholders and our partners, and are passionate about what we do.
  7. The editorial and content policy is just one facet of our commitment to reliable and ethical information. Also have a look at our background and our advertising and privacy policies.


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