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Overdose epidemic from fentanyl in US

Illegally made versions of the drug fentanyl is responsible for a large increase of overdose deaths in the US. It can kill users by shutting down their respiratory system.

Zika may persist for months in newborns

A baby boy born in January to a woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil, continued to show signs of Zika virus in his blood, urine and saliva two months after his birth.

'I didn't know I was pregnant'

'Cryptic pregnancy' occurs when a woman doesn't know she is pregnant, and the phenomenon is more common than most people think.

Adult-onset asthma linked to heart and stroke risk

A study found that people with late-onset asthma were 57 percent more likely than those with early-onset asthma and those without asthma to suffer heart attack, stroke, heart failure, angina and heart-related death.

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