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FDA approves eye implant for better focusing

A tiny eye implant has been approved for people aged 41 to 65 who have not had cataract surgery, can't focus clearly on near objects or small print, and require reading glasses.

5 health conditions that are worse during winter

The South African Weather Service warns us that we’re going to freeze our socks off this weekend. And if you have one of the five conditions listed below, we recommend that you stay indoors and keep as warm as you can.

Memory issues could be a sign of dementia

We all experience forgetfulness when we can't remember simple things, but memory loss that disrupts daily activities indicates the need for a medical assessment.

Rural disabled struggle with healthcare

A recent University of Stellenbosch psychology doctorate looks at the barriers people with disabilities in the Eastern Cape face when trying to access healthcare.

E-cigarette vapours may damage mouth

In laboratory experiments on cultured cells it was found that toxic substances and nanoparticles in e-cigarette vapours can kill the top layer of skin cells in the oral cavity.

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