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Mediterranean diet trims the wallet

Sticking to a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, olive oil, legumes, fruit and vegetables is heart healthy, but expensive, maybe even prohibitively so, new research from Spain hints.

Low GI diet cuts breast cancer risk

The amount of carbohydrates a woman eats, as well as the overall "glycemic load" of her diet, impact her chances of developing breast cancer, Swedish researchers report.

New eco-Atkins diet promising

A modified Atkins diet, one that substitutes plant-based proteins for animal-based ones, helps people lose weight and lowers their cholesterol, new research shows.

Low kilojoule diet works best

Sticking to a reduced-kilojoule diet has a greater effect on long-term weight loss than focusing on protein, fat, or carbohydrates, a new study finds.

Why we eat more as we age

A scientist has discovered key appetite control cells in the human brain degenerate over time, causing increased hunger and potentially weight-gain as we grow older.

Men and women - different diets?

Diet can strongly influence how long you live and your reproductive success, but now scientists have discovered that what works for males can be very different for females.

Low salt diet bad for heart

Surprising new research suggests that a diet low in salt may be worse for your heart than eating lots of salt, but don't start eating potato chips just yet.

Diets that prevent strokes

A 24-year study found that eating these foods drastically lowers your risk of developing heart problems.

Dieting by phone

Wondering how much of a diet-buster that pie on your plate is? Some Japanese have a novel way to find out: Photograph it with your cell phone and send the image to an expert.

Phone diet works well

A new study found that a support system can pay big rewards for people looking to improve their eating habits.

The male-female diet divide

Women are more likely than men to try different diet plans in an effort to lose weight, and they also make greater efforts to limit sugar, carbohydrate and fat intake.

Teen lung health tied to diet

Research shows that eating fruit and fish might lessen teenage asthma and bronchitis symptoms, whereas a diet consisting mostly of junk fod does the opposite.

The key to a successful diet

The most successful dieters lose weight on their own, largely by eating right and exercising regularly, according to a survey.

Diet patches ease fasting

Turkish Muslims plan to resort to appetite suppressing diet patches to help them get through the daily fast during the Ramadan holy month, Anatolia news agency reported on Friday.

Med diet heads for heritage list

Spain and Italy are to ask UNESCO to place the Mediterranean diet on its Intangible Cultural Heritage list, the Spanish government has announced.

Fast food diet has benefits?

A month-long diet of fast food and no exercise led to dangerously high levels of enzymes linked to liver damage, in an unusual experiment inspired by the docu-movie "Supersize Me."

Dieticians make weight loss easy

People may be more successful in shedding pounds if they enlist the help of a registered dietician, the findings of a small study suggest.

Personalised diets may be best

Creating personalised diets, based on an individual's genetic makeup, helps overweight individuals lose weight and keep it off, the results of a new study suggests.

Young adults’ diets lacking

Most young US adults do not meet the key dietary targets for Americans, primarily because they are too dependent on fast food and convenience food, according to new research.

What motivates us to eat

With obesity continuing to grab the headlines, a study of what affects the motivation to feed contributes to a better understanding of how the brain responds to food stimuli.

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