17 December 2009


Readers' letters


Winning letter

Smart about sinusitis
Thank you for your article on sinusitis(Help! My head’s blocked up, Spring2009).I have had five sinus operationsalready and can honestly say thatall the nose sprays, antibiotics andmedical terms can really be confusing.For the first time I now knowwhat polyps look like!To all the sufferers who wake upin the morning with a bad taste intheir mouth: you are not alone. Iwas just as embarrassed about mybad breath and had to chew gumall the time.The one thing that helped whenit felt as if I had hot drawing pins inmy face was a beanbag warmed inthe microwave – at least it easedthe pain.
Judy Field, Rondebosch

Bite plate thanks to YOU Pulse
As usual I devoured the Spring 2009 issue – especially the article on teeth grinding (Save your teeth). When I awoke one morning shortly thereafter with a sore jaw and a headache I knew at once: I grind my teeth. A visit to my dentist confirmed the diagnosis. The points of my eye teeth were already worn down and he immediately prescribed a bite plate. When I told him about the article he quickly sent his receptionist out to buy a copy. Thanks, YOU Pulse. You saved my teeth.
Sylvia du Toit, Florida

Discover a jewel
I received my first YOU Pulse as a gift from someone and fell in love with the magazine. It’s truly the first time I have read a magazine from front to back and found something interesting on every page.
Adele Brogden, e-mail

(Adele, it’s the perfect gift! I like to spoil friends and family with magazine subscriptions. Turn to page 38 and do the same for your loved ones. – Ed.)

Iron in cereal
In YOU Pulse you mentioned that Weet-Bix doesn’t contain iron (Breakfast: a bowl of thebest, Spring 2009). Is this really the case?
Carmen Scharffenorth, e-mail

(You’ve caught us out, Carmen. A 40 g portion of Weet-Bix provides 3,5 mg iron. We apologise for the mistake. – Ed.)

Cradle stays empty
When I read the article about infertility (We stopped stressing and fell pregnant, Spring 2009) it felt as if someone was slowly choking me. I am now nearly 40 and our cradle is still empty. This obsession to have a baby has affected every decision in my life for the past six years. First I stop exercising, then I start running up and down mountains. I resign from my job. I paint the lounge red like an enthusiastic midwife recommended. I eat only protein; then I avoid it. I cry through the night; then become a follower of The Secret. But fall pregnant? In vain. In the process I have alienated everyone I love. Friends and family with children tiptoe around me. That my husband still loves me is a miracle.
Liezl M, Pretoria


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