25 July 2014

Sex tips for large penises

A domineering dong might be impressive to look at but it may create some difficulties in the bedroom.

Well done, you’ve gambled on the genetic lottery and won. You’re either a man with an impressively large package (we aren’t talking about your salary) or you’re dating someone with said grandiose genitalia.

While a domineering dong might be impressive to look at, however, when it’s time to get down and dirty problems can begin to grow, as it were. You see, just because you’re Mr. Big doesn’t mean that your partner is equally equipped to handle it and handling things incorrectly can throw cold water over your whole evening, or worse.

Here’s how to make the most of a massive man-rod:

Be understanding
Gents, you’ve got be aware that dealing with your member might be intimidating for someone who isn’t used to it. If they aren’t sure what to do, don’t be irritated, help them out!

Don’t rush in
Going straight for some good old penetration might be the worst thing you can do. Enjoy some foreplay, allowing your partner time to get relaxed and make things nice and smooth when it comes to the main event.

Lube it up
Nothing makes things easier than a well-greased pole. Don’t be afraid to liberally apply your lubricant of choice.

Know your geometry
Let your partner find a position that maximises the good and minimises the bad. Having them on top often makes them feel like they’re in greater control and will allow them to guide it in as they please.

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