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Sex according to your star sign

Whether you’re Gemini The Sexy Chatterbox or Virgo The Considerate Crook, we help you find out if you’re a star or a disastar in the bedroom.

Whether you’re Gemini The Sexy Chatterbox or Virgo The Considerate Crook, your horoscope, or star sign, can give you great insight into your sexual prowess… or lack thereof.

In this, the second of a two-part series, we help you find out if you’re a star or a disastar in the bedroom.

GEMINI: The Sexy Chatterbox
(May 21 to June 21)
If dirty talking or phone sex gets your engine humming, then Gemini is the person for you. Ruled by Mercury, the god of communication, Gemini knows how to use his or her mouth in the boardroom and in the bedroom.
Are you hot for Gemini?   
Then you better enjoy loud sex in strange places, with a high risk of getting caught. But Gemini gets bored easily, so you need to keep them guessing with wild sex games and role-playing.

CANCER: The Sensual Cry-baby
(June 22 to July 22)
Prepare yourself for an intensely sensual ride, some post-coital crying and wedding proposals. Like a crab, Cancer appears tough on the outside, but once you get a taste of their meat you’ll know why it’s so deliciously addictive.
Are you hot for Cancer?   
Then you must take the lead. Cancer loves to be dominated and will go along with anything you suggest… the kinkier the better. Crabs move sideways, if that’s any help at all.

LEO: The Wild Narcissist
(July 23 to August 23)
You’ve seen Animal Planet, so you know how lions do it. And Leo is no different when it comes to sex. If it’s from behind and there are mirrors on the walls and ceiling, they’re in their element. They are loud and the neighbours will hear.
Are you hot for Leo?   
Then remember that their backs are their weak spot. Stroke a house cat on its back and it will purr. Give a Leo a back rub before sex and they will make you roar in the bedroom.

VIRGO: The Considerate Crook
(August 24 to September 22)
They may be known as “The Virgin” in the zodiac, but they’re skilled lovers who are all about their partner’s sexual pleasure. But be warned, Virgo ruled by Mercury, who is also the god of thieves and so Virgo will steal your heart… probably along with your wallet and car keys.
Are you hot for Virgo?   
The ancients called Virgo the sign of bondage. So, after you’ve hidden your wallet and car keys, get ready to be handcuffed to the bed and taken to new heights.

LIBRA: The Unselfish Lover
(September 23 to October 23)
Know as “The Scales” in the zodiac, the Libra lover is all about meticulous balancing acts. So you can expect to find a sex sling, stripping pole or a seesaw (use your imagination) in their bedroom. They’re great at sex that’s measured, so both partners get equal enjoyment.
Are you hot for Libra?   
Then you need to be sexually adventurous and prepared to have sex in a restaurant bathroom, or to have oral sex under the table.

CAPRICORN: The Forgettable Fling
(December 23 to January 19)
You won’t remember anything Capricorn does to you sexually, because they’re the most boring lovers in the world. In fact, they are so forgettable that I even forgot to mention them at the beginning of this article (see the dates). Enough said!
Are you hot for Capricorn?   
Then expect to do all the work in bed. Capricorns have all the sexual adventure and energy of a slug, and they only have two moves going for them in the bedroom… up and down. So, if quickies turn you on, then marry a Capricorn and call it a day.

- (Photo of sexy couple from Shutterstock)


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