Emotional abuse? Users speak out!

Do you ever feel like your partner treats you so badly that it could be some kind of abuse? Well maybe it is. Here are the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship.

Stay sane after divorce

Working through a divorce or breakup can wreak havoc on your mental well-being. But this too shall pass.

Building better personal relationships

The frenetic pace of life today can make our personal relationships seem fleeting and temporary. Godfrey Madanhire, a life coach at Dreamworlds Promotions shares his insights.

Friends with benefits

Can friends have no-strings-attached sex without developing feelings for each other? These users learned the hard way.

Break-up survival kit

Getting dumped must be one of the worst experiences out there. Here's how you can get through it step by step.

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YUK! Pheromone parties: why you should sniff your date's armpits
10 things never to say to a woman

There are some things men should never say to their women. Many men have suffered before you. It would be wise to heed their counsel.

User regrets swinging

The topic of swinging comes up from time to time in the CyberShrink forum. Have your say on the topic.

Going back to the boyfriend from hell

This user has a friend with the worst boyfriend ever. She moans about him, but keeps on going back for more. Is it time for this user to end the friendship?

12 relationship disasters

Why do people tend to repeat their relationship disasters? Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make - again and again.

5 seduction mistakes

Things were going well, and then you said it. Damage done beyond redemption on the first date? Here are things to guard against.

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