29 November 2007

Paedophiles wired differently

MRI scans have revealed significant differences in the brains of paedophiles, according to a new Canadian study.

MRI scans revealed that paedophiles have a significantly less-than-normal amount of white matter that connects six different areas of the brain known to play a role in sexual arousal, says a Canadian study in the Journal of Psychiatry Research.

This lack of adequate wiring between these areas may result in paedophiles being unable to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate sexual objects, said lead researcher Dr James Cantor of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, BBC News reports.

However, he emphasised that the study findings don't suggest that paedophiles shouldn't be held criminally responsible for crimes they commit against children.

"Not being able to choose your sexual interests doesn't mean you can't choose what you do," BBC News quoted Cantor as saying.

A previous study by Yale University researchers found that paedophiles had different thought patterns compared to average people. - (HealthDayNews)

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Brains different in paedophiles

November 2007




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