What your fantasies say about you

If you daydream of having steamy sex on a tropical island whilst thousands of onlookers clap and cheer, this may not be an empty, meaningless fantasy.

Why women should make porn

South African women are not shy to watch porn and film director, Erika Lust, says it can be more pleasurable if women play an active role in the adult entertainment industry.

Broken penis syndrome

Not many people know it but a man's penis can succumb to all manner of injury, even while engaging in erotic dancing.

What SA men say about sex

SA men want more sex, but they want communication too, say the results of the latest Women’s Health/Men’s Health Sex Survey.

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Johan Smit says...

Just not some boy molesting priest please. My ADHD husband's uncontrollable obsession with sex
Sex sucks in SA

Half of South African women are not happy with their sex lives. And the men are not far behind, says a new global study on sex.

Boost your sex drive naturally

There is no single food that will magically improve your sex drive, but what you eat can make a big difference to your general well-being and thus also your performance in bed.

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