Updated 17 April 2014

Try something new

If you know the shape of the cracks in the ceiling by heart, chances are you’ve been stuck in the same position too long.


If you know the shape of the cracks in the ceiling by heart, chances are you’ve been stuck in the same position too long. Trying some new positions is fun, adds spice and can help you find different tricks to please each other. Here are three ways to enjoy your intimate time tonight:

Side by side

Perfect for chilly weather as you can pretty much stay covered. Ladies: lie on your back with your partner lying next to you, on his side. Bend the leg closest to him so he can insert his penis between your legs. Grind and thrust to your heart’s content.

Lap it up

Sit on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. Your partner can now straddle you with her knees on the bed. This is a visual treat for both of you, plus it allows for lots of deep kisses and stroking of back, legs and breasts.

Standing doggy

If you like a doggy-style position, take it to another level by doing it standing up. This is especially great for smaller spaces like the bathroom, where there might not be space to lie down. If you’re different heights, you might have to get creative, but it’s well worth it. Stand in front of the mirror and you’ll see the ecstatic expressions of your lover reflected back to you.

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