Updated 10 October 2014

Six top sex tips

Sex life in a rut? Here's how to spice it up - the no-nonsense way

Has your sex life become predictable and dull? Or do you want to turn a good sex life into a great one? Open communication between sex partners is essential. But it doesn't hurt to have a few extra tips up your sleeve.

Take action:

build your relationship – if you have a strong, nurturing relationship, you'll reap the rewards in the bedroom;
quickies are great, but for optimum lovemaking, you need to take your time – women need at least 30 minutes to be fully aroused;
don't fret – every couple goes through times when they have sex less often; there are erogenous zones all over your partner's body – get to know them;
date your partner – even in long-term relationships, you need to make an effort to spend quality time together;
if your libido is low, fantasise by focusing on what you find arousing and sensual.

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